Thursday, February 11, 2010

Violets are blue

Blue is a popular color due to it's versatility, and changeability. It can be bright, sedated, classic, modern, or trendy. It's both liked and disliked by designers, being a cool color, it can actually cool down the room, and if not properly used it can be quite unflattering to the complexion.

Chinese blue and white pottery was a craze in Europe, cobalt blue which was an expensive color to obtain was used to decorate this beautiful pottery, still very fashionable and widely admired

I love the Robin's egg blue tile on the back splash, it helps keep things cool in a hot kitchen

Ice Blue, fresh and youthful and appropriate to this season of cold weather

image 1 Horchow., 1image 2&3 Suzanne Kasler, image4 Elle Decor ,}

I like blue. How about you?

Firoozeh Khorrami



  1. ooh pretty photos! The backsplash in the kitchen is stunning and the last two are so soothing. Just beautiful

  2. There's my french blue again :) Great post on blue!

  3. Everyone is doing blue. It is every where. Your right it is versatile!

  4. Hi, i'm so glad i found your blog! i love the robin's egg blue back splash in the kitchen, i would have never thought of it as a color for the kitchen! it's stunning! best wishes