Thursday, February 4, 2010


From cool to warm, light to dark, Gray is a beautiful nuetral that can work well with other neutrals and calms bright colors. I have always loved using it and although I hear it is going to replace brown, I love using gray with brown

image source unknown
All neutrals, except the painting on the wall. There are different shades of gray, beige, and browns in the room this is a sophisticated palette, a palette that can only come together with the trained eyes of a professional designer.

The house below is designed by Jill Brinson and published in House Beautiful December 2009
image source
It's a lovely example of the color gray and how it can work in any style. The color of the cabinets in the dining room, the gray of the wicker chair, the sourond on the bath tub, it makes for a very well thought out palette.

Gray and orange
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Gray and Turquoise

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Gray and yellow

I can probably write and post 100s of images,
Which one is your favorite?



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  1. I like gray but I wouldn't put it on the walls in my house, context is everything. If I had to choose I'd pick a green undertone!
    Great photos!