Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

As the new year begins I look forward to all the projects and goals I have planed. The best way to achieve goals is to write them down and to say them. it's also great to share our goals with others so we can be held accountable, and maybe inspire someone else to do the same, much like Maria at Colour Me Happy has done for me. Here are some of the goals I have set for the year 2010.

One - To live my life,intentionally, powerfully, and in the NOW

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Two - To continue to grow my interior design business and this blog

Three - To incorporate more art and culture into my life

Image; Smithsonian

Four - Commit to publicity - get published once this year

- Trip to Spain and Morocco

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Six - LEED certification

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- To eat better and exercise more

image; Christy Turlington red gap ad

Eight- Travel to 2 new places this year (private jet would be nice also)

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When I reflect on the last year, writing this blog has brought much joy to me. I have learned, enjoyed reading, and commenting on the many many blogs out there. So I thank all my blogger friends for sharing your news, tips, and stories. You are truly an inspiration.

Have you written your new years resolution? why don't you try it and attach images to your list it's much more powerful



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  1. Excellent post! Thanks for participating!, We will all need to do an update in 2011!!